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At the corner of 6th and Frisco Ave in Clinton, OK sits a nearly century-old building built as a firehouse by the WPA. This location is a critical structure to connect the needed dots for The Loop (see The Loop project page). This building falling into the wrong hands, or not being utilized with correct intent, could hinder great forward progress for tourism and quality of life that is currently blossoming in the Historic East Clinton.
West OK Co-Op President Jason Smith and Treasurer Andrew Stone have presented a proposal to the mayor and city manager in efforts to purchase the building (privately or through the 501c3 non-profit) and allow it to function as a long term beacon for the community. The downstairs interior is proposed to have a historic art gallery nodding at the building's origin as a firehouse, along with a community driven drink & eatery. Upstairs the pair envision a boutique hotel in effort to entice tourism stay.
To learn more about the proposal makers, one can read a bio on Jason and Andrew in the About page on the West OK Co-Op website.
Below is a great example of the workflow for West OK Co-Op members. It all begins in our weekly think-tank meetings. From there conversations lead to pen and paper sketches, sketches to digital drawings, and eventually to life-like renderings, thanks to the talent of Andrew Stone.

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