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In the heart of the Historic Downtown District of Clinton, OK at 613 Frisco Ave, lies the headquarters for the West OK Co-Op. Formerly known as Mr Rayner's Sewing Center (for 50+ years), the art co-op took a major renovation. The owners and West OK Co-Op members, Jason & Meridith, live above the property with their children and also office a business out of the next door entry (also completely renovated with the upstairs being empty since the mid 1960s). The intention behind this remodel, as the West OK Co-Op firmly believes should be with all historical property, was to respect its architectural bones and historic visual experience. This meant getting back to and cleaning the brick and being considerate of storefront and window aesthetics. It is of the opinion of the West OK Co-Op that simple, non-stringent ordinances should be set for the Clinton Historical Districts like not allowing residential stone or fake stucco cladding unless every other respectful choice has been exhausted. The members of the West Ok Co-Op hope to be involved and advisors for future downtown and historical remodels as they are eager to help.
Below are photos of the West OK Co-Op Headquarters.


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