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The Loop is not a single project, but a focused series of projects (shown on this site) that create a walkable, pro-tourism/pro-quality of life experience around the Historic East Clinton.
The important elements in the Loop are inspiring art installations, business and historical sites that allow people to walk from one experience to the next, creating the feeling of urban life in the surroundings of a unique small community. West OK Co-Op members are involved in several of the for-profit experiences but also are designing and imagining what could be the artistic connective tissue in the lulls and city-owned swaths.
There are certain historic buildings, business types, art installation locations, and parks that are crucial in creating this loop to spur a next level quality of life and magnet for tourism to the community.
These maps will grow and change as the community evolves along the loop, especially the Ice District with its blank slate of vast potential and what could be a recreation area connecting the Cotton mill to the Washita River via a walk/ride track through the park.


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