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The Scene On RT66 will be a full on Route 66 based retail and community experience. The first order is to put the exterior bones back to their original brick as much as possible. The Co-Op has a strong opinion that Historic East Clinton should be given the respect of using and sourcing materials that were original to the district as opposed to residential stone and stucco.
The next step will be adding an art inspired facade to the entry of the building designed by the West OK Co-Op's own architect design Andrew Stone. This facade will be a calling card to all RT66 travelers that this is a place to stop in and experience. The Co-Op understands that it is the job of the business owner to attract customer participation. Long gone are the days that people find you.
Inside will be a collage of experience from retail and food, aural and visual tapestry, and space for community to use... like a full-time band practice station for all ages.
For sure, the ideas for this space will compound as renovation advances. The goal is to be complete with the building in 2024.


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