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The former cotton gin building, now former powder coating business, CPI, is an empty City of Clinton owned property. For residents of Western Oklahoma, a building like this becomes a familiar backdrop to a small town. To tourists and travelers of I40 and RT66, such a building is often quite mysterious and intriguing.

The West OK Co-Op has recently added this property to their think-tank meeting topics. Such a vast edifice easily triggers a creative mind to run wild with fun experiences that no surrounding community could offer (thanks to our location in the Washita Valley.)
The center of these ideas house a recreation district that spans from the mill, through the park, and to the banks of the Washita River via a walking and biking track, with possibilities of continuing across Gary Blvd to the Rodeo grounds and even golf course.
The beauty of this location is not only how it ties into current recreation centers like the rodeo grounds and golf course, but its ease of travel to and from by foot or bike. Kids and adults living in the East half of the North and South side of Gary Blvd could easily access the recreation area by bike or foot which is not the case with the beautiful, but distant Acme Brick Park. This flowing ease of access compounds with the growth of the proposed arts district, coined the Ice District, which also would entice walkability programs spreading to our historic downtown commerce zone.
Let's not forget that creating a strong quality of life product such as this entices property purchase, renovation and expansion into available surrounding land and neighborhoods.
Obviously, something of this scale would require 5, 10, and even 20 year growth stages, and that is why it's important to think about it now.
The below images are just place holders while we create imagery for a more formal proposition.


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