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Frisco Ave in Clinton, OK, for most of its life, continued three more blocks to 1st St. Along its downtown path sat the infamous Calmez Hotel. The 130 room hotel was controversially demolished in 2000. Currently in its former location is a blank lot owned by Clinton municipality.
Approximately 200 yards away sits the old Clinton train depot. The area is now used by Farmers Co-Op. The deteriorated train depot has been offered to the West OK Co-Op as a non-profit donation to their 501c3, but the station would need to be moved.
The West OK Co-Op is currently designing an idea to have the train depot on the old Calmez site, broken apart in an abstract installation. The mash-up site idea lends itself to be used as an un-manned, indoor/outdoor historical Washita Valley/Clinton museum that presents history of the origins. The group imagines the site to also be used for city and community offerings, parties, and charitable galas.
The location not only lends itself as an extension to The Frisco Center, but also a kickstarter in ramping up the Ice District and its potential as a Clinton Art district.
Drawing and renderings are currently being worked on as the first step to seek funding and present the idea to community leaders.
Below is the lot as it sits now along with some brainstorm renderings.


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