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With West OK Co-Op Treasurer, Andrew Stone, starting his dive into academia by teaching at the University of Oklahoma, the question has been raised at the Co-Op's weekly think- tanks (as well as OU professors) of "What does academia look like in Western Oklahoma?".
Weatherford has SWOSU. Weatherford, Burns Flat, and Sayre have vocational technology centers. Could Clinton be poised for an abstract connection to academia?
So many ideas are in the air. Of these ideas are: extension campuses, academia outside of the usual vocational studies (like spirituality, art or cultural heritage), subsidized affordable long term housing or downtown living for students studying online or finishing and writing dissertations for doctorate/graduate studies, a hub for paid intern programs... the list goes on.
The West OK Co-Op thinks it important to have someone or group in the community engaging in this field, drawing a caliber of people to the community that would expand the current culture and norms.


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